The latest thinking of UK macroeconomists

Deal or no deal: The Greece standoff

Last week (week of June 22nd), the Greek authorities presented a new proposal to its creditors, consisting of increases in contributions to the government pension scheme,  a widening of the 23% VAT rate (but a reduced rate of 13% on energy, basic foods, catering and hotels), an increase in the corporate tax rate from 26% to 29%, an increase in the "solidarity" income tax rate that had been initiated under previous bailout programmes, and a reduction in defense spending.

The Importance of Elections for UK Economic Activity


In the week before the dissolution of Parliament, the Centre for Macroeconomics asked its panel of experts about the effects of governments on aggregate economic activity.

The great majority of respondents disagree with the proposition that the coalition government’s austerity policies have had a positive effect on aggregate economic activity. And an overwhelming majority of respondents agree that the outcome of the general election (assuming a stable government is formed) will have non-trivial consequences for economic activity.